Wombo Guide Selfie Sing Video

Wombo AI Guide How To Create Selfie Sing Video

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Wombo uses AI to animate photos so it appears they’re singing along to one of 18 pop hits.

Wombo.AI, comes in the form of an iPhone or Android app. All a person needs to do to turn someone into a singer is download the app, choose their image or take a new one, pick a song from a limited list, and then let the app do the work.

Though designed for selfies, the app has gone viral over the past few days as users realized the comic potential in uploading photos of famous people and making them sing along to entirely unsuitable material.

Wombo Guide Selfie Sing Video

WOMBO is the world’s best AI-powered lip sync app. Take a selfie, pick a song, and let WOMBO work its magic.

Premium Service at Wombo

Since Wombo does not monetize by selling or using private data, it works as a “premium” service that urges people to go for paid sign up to benefit from its full features. The charges are $6.27 per month or $37.67 per year, with a free three-day trial. It also provides faster processing with no ads.

However, the paid subscription does not allow using any other songs than its relatively limited selection. Though they are mostly very popular.

How to use Wombo App to make video selfies sing :

  1. Download the Wombo app from either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
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  2. Open the app and click the big yellow Let’s go! button.
  3. Next, you have a couple of options. Wombo will immediately open the camera app and prompt you to take a selfie. You can position yourself in the frame correctly, and suggests that you look directly at the camera and don’t show your teeth.
  4. If you’d rather use an existing photo (of yourself or someone else), you can press the folder icon to the left of the camera button, then upload an image from your device.
  5. Alternatively, you can press the reverse icon to the right of the camera button, and use your device’s rear lens to capture your subject. Just make sure you have their permission to do so.
  6. Next you’ll see the Crop screen. Here you can resize the crop box around the subject so it removes any unwanted objects on the periphery. The Scale slider below the image will let you zoom in or out, and if you press the Rotate icon on the bottom left of the app, you’ll be able to change the angle of the image.
  7. Press the green “W” icon below your picture — or if you’ve changed your mind, press back and try again.


  1. Now it’s time to choose your tune. The 18 available songs span a wide range of genres and eras, so there’s likely to be at least one you’re happy with. Plus, Benkhin says he plans to expand the options soon.
  2. As you press each song, you’ll hear a snippet of it play, so you can decide if it works. If it does, press the green “W” icon again.
  3. Finally, the app will serve up your finished video selfies sing.

You’ll have the option to save it to your device (as an mp4 file), share it with a friend via any of the usual options (social media, WhatsApp, email and so on) or try again with another image.

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