Sea Of Thieves Sunken Pearl

Sea Of Thieves Pirates Sunken Pearl Guide How To Solve Puzzles and Collect All Journals

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The Sunken Pearl is a Tall Tale introduced in the third season of Sea of Thieves — which, as most fans are already well aware, features a major crossover with Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean.

This is the second of five Tall Tales that make up the season’s story campaign A Pirate’s Life. After you’ve completed the campaign’s titular first quest, you’ll need to head off in search of Captain Jack Sparrow’s ship the Black Pearl… the only wrinkle is, it’s currently in the Sunken Kingdom which, as the name suggests, is at the bottom of the ocean.

Sea Of Thieves Sunken Pearl

Sea Of Thieves Pirates Sunken Pearl Guide

Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life” The Sunken Pearl Tall Tale features a lot of puzzles to solve and fight players to overcome hurdles, ranging from locating the Black Pearl to defeating The Kraken and the Siren Queen.

For players who are looking for ways to unlock and complete this second Tall Tale, these tips and tricks may come in handy.

Sea of Thieves Sunken Pearl Tall Tale guide

In the search for Jack Sparrow’s compass, you and your crew will have to dive off the deep end into the Sunken Kingdom where the artefact lies within the wall of the Black Pearl.

Starting the mission is simple, just vote for The Sunken Pearl book to begin the tall tale and off your adventure goes.

Sea Of Thieves Pirates Sunken Pearl Guide contains walkthrough how to complete The Sunken Pearl quest, solve its puzzles, and collect all of its journals. Exploration pirate adventure game.

Whether you just need help to complete The Sunken Pearl quest or you’re looking for all of its Sunken Pearl journals, we’ve got your complete walkthrough guide right here.

Guide for Sea Of Thieves pirates is one of the best guide The Sunken Pearl Tall Tale. There is a step by step guide that show you how to play Sea Of Thieves Pirates.

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