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Cobra Kai Dojo: First Strike, Strike Hard, No Mercy

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Cobra Kai is the name of a karate dojo led by the formidable former Vietnam Special Forces veteran, John Kreese. The motto in Cobra Kai in educating students with the quote “First Strike, Strike Hard, No Mercy”.

Kreese’s best student? Johnny Lawrence, the real work done more harm than good by Kreese teachings, but ultimately no match for his rival Daniel LaRusso and martial arts coach, Mister Miyagi.

The story about Cobra Kai originated written by Josh Heald.

Cobra Kai game : The Karate Kid Saga.

In this game there are 8 playable characters with deep moves, combos, progressions, real-time character swaps, ultimate attacks, and much more!

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• Twofold Storyline – Featuring a new storyline filled with quirky cutscenes and selective dialogue to control Daniel and his students in Miyagi-Do Karate through a storyline campaign.

Or choose their rival Johnny Lawrence and his students at Cobra Kai to play their side of the story. Completing both sides of the campaign reveals the end of the latter.

• RPG-Like Dojo Advances – Master 40 unique skills and upgrade your character’s stats as you karate through enemies.

• Character Swap System – Choose your Dojo and then seamlessly swap among your favorite characters, including Daniel, Robby, Sam, and Demetri from Miyagi Do; or Johnny, Miguel, Hawk and Tory from Cobra Kai.

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